Kami Bukan Dewa

DewAgung bukanlah Dewa Agung. We are not Gods  : )

This is TajMahal in tiny version. As i think a name that combine my Wife’s and mine, i put her name first. Nice things show up when you put somebody else before you

~ Agung Wiendarto, 2003

So here we are, becoming a world wide web family. As milions families do, make this world a better place for everybody

there in no limit
to what a man can do
: if he doesn’t mind..

Android Application Service

Banyak yang tawarkan aplikasi android dengan harga edan-edanan. Bahkan ada yang sampai ratusan juta.

Disini aplikasi Android buatan kami bisa ditandingkan.

aplikasi bromo perkasa   aplikasi edukasi playstore   aplikasi sim online   aplikasi satlntas

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Video Promosi Event dan Produk

Tak banyak orang memiliki layanan pembuatan video promo produk komplit dengan Gebyar Marketing di Media Sosial.

.. Kami punya.

We have a combination of boosted video presentation at affordable cost.

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Group T-Shirt

Everybody is so special.

Friends are very special for everybody. Make special momment with the special and custom t-shirt.

tisert t-shirt is our brand.